Project project

Optimal positioning, and quiet

We are always looking for the optimal positioning for our residential complexes. This time, we chose the neighborhood of Pădurii Verzi, in the green heart of Timișoara, and a community with the same values ​​as yours - the premium Dumbrăvița neighborhood.

Smart partitions and extra spaces.

We always try to offer more, at a competitive price. The intelligent compartments of the apartments give you the space you need to live in harmony and to feel at home, and the extra spaces open new opportunities for your needs or hobbies.

Western standards and

We have followed modern western standards of living so that returning home is always a pleasure. You have the best quality finishes and premium materials, carefully chosen.


Landscaped green spaces

Multiple possibilities for relaxation, walks or jogging in the specially arranged green spaces within the complex.

Above ground parking

Parking is no longer a problem. We offer on request parking spaces in the outdoor parking lot.


Now the little ones can spend their time outside, outdoors, in clean and safe playgrounds, specially designed for them.

Technical specifications

  • Infrastructure: reinforced concrete pillar system, connected at the top with reinforced concrete beams
  • Superstructure: diaphragm concrete structural wall system, reinforced concrete beams and thick slab floors
  • Exterior enclosures: reinforced concrete structural walls and masonry of BCA blocks
  • Facade heating system: the exterior walls are thermally insulated with 10 cm and 15 cm expanded polystyrene, colored decorative plasters, Klinker brick cladding, respectively mass-colored water-repellent decorative plaster on plinths
  • The terraces are waterproofed with heat-sealable PVC membranes reinforced with polyester fibers
  • Balconies or terraces are arranged with a system of railings made of metal profiles painted in electrostatic field, and laminated glass panels
  • The partition walls between the apartments are made with double masonry from Cemacom LM24 ceramic blocks, which ensures the sound insulation condition of the partition walls of 51dB
  • The interior walls of the apartments are made of 12.5 cm thick plasterboard, covered with 100mm semi-rigid mineral wool on galvanized metal structure
  • Resistance structure designed anti-seismic, in accordance with legal provisions

  • 8 mm thick laminate flooring, Vitality Diplomat brand or similar, in rooms and hallways
  • Sound insulation under 3 cm expanded polystyrene EPS 200 screed
  • MDF baseboard in the shade of parquet
  • High quality non-slip ceramic tiles in bathrooms, kitchens and hallways
  • Finishing plaster, washable white paints and high quality wall tiles
  • Finishing plaster and washable white paints on the ceilings
  • Wall-mounted electrical installations: complete equipment (sockets, boxes and switches) in the Legrand Niloe range or equivalent

  • Generous entrance hall, in the form of a lobby arranged as the main access area with artificial vegetal wall, where the mailboxes and the intercom at the entrance to the block will be located
  • Exterior doors at the entrance to the block are double, with aluminum joinery type SCHUCO ADS or similar, with double glazing
  • The lobby floor is made of Breccia Sarda natural marble tiles or similar, premium quality
  • Interior finishes for common areas (hallways, horizontal and vertical circulations) consist of non-slip porcelain tiles, washable paints on walls and ceilings
  • The building is equipped with two SCHINDLER or similar elevators, of 9 and 13 people, respectively, with landing doors and cabin with stainless steel finish
  • Video intercom with external call block at the entrance to the building and an address with an indoor station in the lobby of each apartment
  • Individual meters for gas, water, electricity consumption, located in the technical space specially arranged on each level, for each apartment
  • The lighting on the staircase and the common halls is made with ceiling luminaires equipped with a 26 W fluorescent lamp; the installation will be done apparently, the devices will have a degree of protection IP20. The lighting control of the common spaces is done with motion sensors and timer
  • For the technical spaces arranged at each level, watertight sockets with protection contacts for general use and metal doors, painted in electrostatic field, fire-resistant, according to the regulations in force, have been provided.

  • The water supply of the objective will be made from the city public network through a water household located outside the building
  • Contorizarea consumului de apă rece se realizează prin montarea de apometre în nișe pe fiecare culoar de circulație, pentru fiecare apartament în parte și la nivelul camerei de gospodarire a apei
  • Metering the consumption of cold water is done by installing water meters in niches on each traffic corridor, for each apartment and at the level of the water management room
  • Sewerage, gravitationally drained sewage, which takes wastewater from sanitary ware in bathrooms (washbasins, shower trays, toilet bowls, bathtubs, washbasins) and kitchens, are located above ground.
  • Condensate sewerage - appliances related to air conditioning systems will have mounted outdoor units in the balconies of each apartment, and the resulting condensate will be taken through pipes and directed to the drains of sanitary ware
  • The power supply of the objective is made from the National Energy System, being made from its own transformation station.
  • The natural gas supply is made from the distribution network of the city of Timișoara, managed by the company E-ON GAZ
  • The above-ground parking spaces are equipped with street lighting (100W LED luminaires mounted on 3.5m high poles), pavements, curbs and sidewalks
  • Exterior arrangements: road system with asphalt pavement - for road surfaces and vibro-pressed concrete pavers - for car parks. The pedestrian platforms are covered with vibro-pressed concrete pavers
  • Private park with multifunctional recreational green spaces
  • Private space with lawn (garden) and fencing for ground floor apartments

  • The houses are equipped with floor heating system connected to the boiler of each flat and provided with individual thermostats, thus ensuring energy independence and preferred temperatures for each housing. The main advantage of underfloor heating system is in reduced heating costs during winter as a result of thermal efficiency.
  • The floor coils will be made of PURMO Pe-Xc type pipe, with oxygen diffusion barrier, in the TACKER plate mounting system. The coils will be supplied with thermal agent (hot water) at a temperature of 35 - 45 degrees Celsius
  • The supply of thermal agent and domestic hot water is made through the wall-mounted thermal power plant type VIESSMAN Vitodens 100 (or similar) with forced draft, 24 KW, located inside the kitchen or living room, powered by monobloc natural gas, this has the advantage of small size , the possibility of easy maintenance, high reliability and safety in operation
  • The boiler will be equipped with: natural gas burner, with control of combustion by ionization electrodes, circulation pumps, plate heat exchanger, closed expansion vessel with membranes, custom automation thermostat, safety valve, thermometer, all embedded in a module
  • Each apartment is equipped with air conditioning (air conditioning) made with reversible inverter split equipment of 12000 BTU, with the housing unit mounted, mounted on the wall, the outdoor unit in the balcony. The air conditioning unit is operated by remote control
  • Mechanical ventilation for the evacuation of steam in bathrooms and toilets that do not have natural ventilation

  • Non-slip tiles and ceramic tiles, high quality tiles above the worktop and washable paints on the walls and ceilings
  • Fittings ready for kitchen installation (water, gas, electricity, sewerage, ventilation)
  • The hot water is produced by the thermal power plant type VIESSMAN Vitodens 100 (or similar) with forced draft, 24 KW, located inside the kitchen or living room and supplied with natural gas from the public network E-ON GAS Gas installations: users taken in calculation are the thermal power plant of the building and the cooking machine in the apartment
  • The plant will be equipped with automatic detection and protection systems against natural gas leaks and carbon monoxide, consisting of gas detectors and solenoid valves for gas with manual reset located on the outlet of each meter
  • The kitchen is provided with a connection on the outer wall for the hood, which will eliminate excess moisture and noxious substances from these spaces.
  • 230V electrical sockets with protection contact for household appliances

  • High quality non-slip ceramic tiles
  • Fully equipped bathrooms with sanitary ware and accessories (washbasins, toilet bowls, bathtubs and shower cabins) provided by ROMSTAL or similar
  • The ceramic sanitary ware are from the Kolo Record range or similar, the toilet bowl being suspended and with a built-in tank with a chrome-plated actuating valve;
  • The faucets for washbasins, bathtubs and showers are monobloc and are from the Grohe Eureco range supplied by ROMSTAL or a similar supplier
  • The bathtubs are made of antibacterial acrylic from the Belform range or similar. The 3-room apartments have two bathrooms, the second being equipped with a shower cabin
  • The bathrooms are equipped with sealed sockets with protection contact and pre-installed lighting installation for the luminaires

  • The exterior carpentry is made of five-chamber PVC profiles REHAU Euro Design 70 or similar and double-glazed windows with LowE film inside. The inner sill is made of white PVC and the outer one is made of gray RAL sheet metal
  • Entrance door to the apartment metal, Pinum or equivalent, with PVC finish with wood look and metal frame and 5-point locking system.
  • Interior doors in apartments are Pinum Smart or Innova cellular doors or similar

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