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With over 70 years of experience in the construction field, We are focused has strongly entered the Romanian market since 2007. Danya Cebus is a subsidiary of Danya Cebus LTD a construction company based in Israel. The company has successfully completed and continues to implement projects in Israel, the United States and Europe (Romania and Poland).

While the company has grown significantly since those first days, our commitment to excellence has not changed. We are focused on building a strong relationship with our clients and develop partnerships that stand the test of time.

The main activities of the company are the construction and/or the development of office buildings, residential, commercial and military projects.. Danya Cebus is part of a new generation of construction companies that successfully combine innovative technology with professional experience. The name of the company is related to projects with sound names on the real estate market, among which we mention the office and retail projects of AFI Europe - AFI Palace Cotroceni, Ploiești, Brasov, AFI Park 1-5, Timpuri Noi - Vastint, residential projects such as Adora Park, City Point, New Point, GVTown or the Evocasa - Viva, Armonia, Selecta, Optima projects as well as the military base in Deveselu.

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  • Location: Timpuri Noi, București
  • Description: 2 office buildings with 10 floors each, above 2 underground parking levels.
  • Activity domain: 67.000 sqm
  • Beneficiary: Vastint Romania SRL
  • Location: Voluntari, Ilfov
  • Description: 6 residential buildings with 408 apartments
  • Activity domain: 30,000 sqm
  • Beneficiary: SC RED SEA & SHIKUN & BINUI SRL
Military project
  • Location: Deveselu - 200 km southwest to the capital Bucharest.
  • Description: The base is built as part of the American missile defense program and was the first of its kind in all of Europe. Within the project, Danya Cebus performs all unclassified works: concrete works, metal structure, finishing works, electrical works, mechanical works, air conditioning and landscaping installations.
  • Activity domain: the inner surface of the base is about 370,000 m².
  • Location: Cotroceni, București
  • Description: centrul comercial din București. Lucrările includ zone comerciale, servicii și parcări, precum și caracteristici speciale ale celor 21 de cinematografe si un IMAX unic.
  • Activity domain: 230.000 sqm
  • Beneficiary: AFI EUROPE

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